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5 Ways to Become A Sweepstakes Winner!


Do people win sweepstakes? This is a question that has been asked several times, and people can't just get enough answers. The answer is yes; people are winning lots of prizes each day. If you have been entering sweepstakes without much success, we have the best kept secrets to improve your winning chances. With these six tips, you will begin to see delivery trucks pack in front of your door to deliver prizes.

1. Enter as Many Times as You Can
Most of the contests’ rules will allow you to make daily entries. It is advisable to fill entry forms at least for 30 minutes. Make sure to enter as many times as you can every week, and the chances of winning a $10,000 cash prize or Apple Watch Series 5 will increase every time.

2. Abide by the Rules, All the Time
The professionals in this field point out a lack of concentration while making the entries a hindrance to winning prizes. They say that almost 20% of the entries made are done disqualified for being done incorrectly. Before you submit yours, ensure you read the instructions carefully.

3. Submit More Entries from Your Phone
While you are at the clinic with your kids, or on a bus from work, you can use your phone to submit more entries. These small amounts of time and entries add up and could land you a big payday!

4. Tell your Friends about it
Lots of websites offer referral bonuses for bringing your friends in to play too. The more people playing, the more and better prizes that site can give away. Help everyone join in on the winning fun!

5. The More Times You Enter the Better Your Odds
The more you enter multi-prize sweepstakes, the higher the chances of winning a free prize such as Apple Airpods Pro and iRobot Roomba 614. Focus on entering as many times a day, and repeat that process. Sites that offer bonus entries are a great way to better your odds as well.