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APRIL 2022

5 Things You Want To Know About Online Sweepstakes


With so many online sweepstakes out there, a lot of people wonder about how they work and are able to give away so much cash and so many prizes. We are here to clear up the confusion on how these sites work and are able to provide you, the user, with a chance at free stuff!

1. The amount of times you enter, vastly increases your chances

2. There are always new prizes and more cash
Sweepstakes websites run by generating traffic. The best way to do this is to offer awesome cash and the hottest new gadgets at prizes. Check back often to see what new prizes are being added. Websites like ours, - offer free prizes all the time and daily prizes like cash or gift cards! Right now we are giving away a whopping $10,000!

3. Most sites are able to give away prizes, based on the ads they show you
The more time you spend on a site, the more ads you see. These ads are displayed in an attempt to cover the cost of the prize.

4. Some websites will have sponsors who pay for the prizes
Certain websites acquire sponsors to provide a prize for free. In return, the company gets a certain amount of exposure of their product with a large audience trying to win one for free.

5. There are a number of online sweepstakes directories where you can find the best prizes
Looking to win $10,000 cash? Try looking up a sweepstakes directory online and you will find a ton of resources. These sites aggregate the best prizes together, so you can focus on only the biggest and best prizes!

There are so many ways to win by entering online sweepstakes. Most people already spend a couple hours a day on their phones as it is, why not use the time to win something that could change your life!