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Complete All Entries in One Freebie to Play Our Bonus Game


One of the best advantages of playing on is that we offer bonus entries into any one of the freebies in our exclusive Honey Pot Bonus Game. The Honey Pot Bonus Game is a randomized way of earning bonus entries. Each Honey Pot Bonus Game is worth 3x or 10x BONUS entries. On any given day, there are upwards of 100+ bonus entries available so play daily to claim them all!

How To Play

Every Honey Pot Bonus Game presents you with a total of nine (9) honey pots. Inside each honey pot are randomly selected freebies – eight (8) random freebies and then, of course, the $10,000 Cash Giveaway.

Pick a Honey Pot to reveal the freebie inside. The freebie revealed will have bonus entries added to its entry pool. Pretty easy, right? Now, imagine getting all those bonus entries in the $10,000 cash giveaway?!? That’s exciting stuff.

IMPORTANT: You DO NOT win a freebie when you play the Honey Pot Bonus Game. Bonus entries are simply added to the entry pool for the freebie revealed. So, try not to be too excited when you see the $10,000 freebie – it is just where your bonus entries are assigned. (Although, adding bonuses entries in the $10,000 Giveaway entry pool is going to be exciting on its own!)

How Do I Unlock a Bonus Game?

1. Complete Your Daily Entries for a Single Freebie. (Less than 2 min.)
Not only does entering daily give you the most chances to win but it means you unlock "3x Bonus Game" when you fulfill a freebie’s daily entry limit. This goal unlocks a game worth three (3) bonus entries toward the freebie revealed.

2. Complete All of the Entries for Five (5) different Freebies(Typically takes less than 10 min.)

3. Find Baxter, Barry or Blake – Our Bonus Bees.
The bees are randomly hidden throughout the entry process. Just keep entering and you will run across Baxter, Barry or Black to unlock a bonus game worth three (3) bonus entries.
Find all 3 and unlock an additional bonus game worth three (10) bonus entries!

Hello, I'm Baxter.

Hey, I'm Barry.

Hi, I'm Blake.

4. Complete All Entries for All Prizes.
Complete entries into all of our Freebies for the day and you’ll have unlocked over 100 bonus entries for the whole day!