How to Play

Enter To Win Daily & Unlock Bonus Games Along the way

One of the best advantages of playing on is that we offer entries into our freebies in our exclusive Honey Pot Game. The Honey Pot Game is a randomized way of earning entries.

How To Play

1. Select a Honey Pot.
You decide which honeypot to choose, and sometimes it's multiplied!

2. Confirm your selection.
Hit that button that confirms the Honey Pot you chose.

3. Add your entries
It's that simple and fun to win $10,000!

IMPORTANT: You DO NOT win a freebie when you play the Honey Pot Bonus Game. Bonus entries are simply added to the entry pool for the freebie in question.

What Else Is There?

Unlock “Mini Vault” Bonus Games just by playing
Complete 15 games or find 3 bees. Unlimited bonuses!

Enter DAILY to maximize your entries
The more you enter, the more chances you have to win.

How Do I Unlock a Mini Vault Bonus Game?

1. Complete 15 Entries for a Single Freebie. (Less than 15 min.)
This will instantly unlock a Bonus Vault Game every 15 entry games.

2. Find 3 Bonus Bees!
The bees are randomly hidden throughout the entry process. Finding one will update how many bees you have collected.
Every time you find all 3, youunlock an additional Vault Bonus Game!

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